Wednesday, March 8, 2017

This is so true. Real estate is the best investment you can make and buying a place in Montauk is really an investment you can enjoy! In what other area can you buy a beach house to enjoy with your family, rent it for a few weeks, enjoy the best that the off season has to offer and if your circumstances change within a few years, put it back on the market for more money than you paid for it, sell it and take those fabulous memories ofspectacular summers in Montauk with you for ever.
As we eagerly await the beginning of spring, new listings are beginning to pour in and it's
a very exciting time to be in real estate and looking for a home. After getting through a winter of some stale listings, there's so much to look at AND the prices of some of those older listings have now softened. It's definitely time to act.
Daylight savings will finally end this month and you will now have another hour to get out here to Montauk and view properties with us! Right now there are some goodies that are under the 1 mill. mark so don't wait, hop in your car or on the Jitney and be the first to view the best of our inventory before the crowds get here.
Additionally, there are still some excellent summer rentals available! You can find a home on line or we can take you there and you can dip your foot into the real estate market on a smaller scale.

This is a good example of an older listing with a newly reduced price! Turn key, Hither Hills and so beautifully built. NOW asking $2,380,000. it's a great investment you WILL enjoy. in#14720

See you in Montauk! -Nancy

Saturday, July 2, 2016


What on earth is the real estate market doing these days?
I hear that a lot. 
Truth be told the rental market is way down.
Could be a perfect storm of sorts - a shaky  economy, some unsavory Montauk headlines, the new  East Hampton Town Rental guidelines and the fact that Montauk is changing. The changes are mostly positive; there are some great new stores, restaurants, coffee shops etc. However, change always gives us pause. 
That being said, there are a number of excellent rental houses to be had and owners are super 
negotiable! Renters are in the drivers seat. If you want to spend a few weeks in Montauk, this is a good time to do it because there are some really good deals.

Here's a sampling of a terrific rental house , walk to Hither Hills beaches, two bedrooms suites, all amenities , everything new and recently remodeled! Two week periods and/or August still available 
for 15K! 

If you're looking to buy a place, asking prices are holding but owners are more negotiable than ever before. If I could give you one piece of advice it would be to "make and offer". In the over one million range you will find there will be movement. It's really a great time to make a deal.  Montauk properties have always been very good investments. Purchasing a home is the best investment you can make and one you can enjoy for years! 

This beautiful postmodern home is just off of East Lake Drive with water views, garage, 4+ bedrooms, room for pool, and all the amenities. With room for a pool and near some great beaches and marinas, this is a great buy. Now asking $2,400,000. Exclusive.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

        Greetings from Winter 

                 in Montauk!

Boy did we get socked this past week! Winter in Montauk marches on and truly it hasn't been all that bad. There are a few very positive things going on. The market although experiencing the traditional off season slow down is still holding and properties are closing as some incredible prices. If I had to speculate I think we are in for another strong season for real estate.  Wall street has been so unpredictable which currently makes buying a second home a very sound investment right now. Keeshan remains the leader in the independent real estate market. We have been here for over 40 years and while the corporates continue to impress us all with their advertising, we are going anywhere. We are busier than ever and continue to offer the kind of boutique services that are hard to find these days. We aren't selling you a home to make some kind of sales quota, we work with you and the service and relationship continue long after the closing. It's a competitive market but we have found our niche as a unique, small company. We work closely with every agency in Montauk and have access to every listing on the market but we handle things personally. If you visit Keeshan Real Estate, you will always have the opportunity to speak with a "Keeshan". We are family owned and operated and are hands on in the business. Stop by for coffee any time (ok, well maybe not during a blizzard.).but "anytime"and we can show you Montauk like nobody else! See you soon. -NK

Thursday, March 26, 2015


St. Patty's Day weekend in Montauk has now come and gone and the calendar says it's spring
but the reality of "spring" has not yet set in. I say spring starts when I stop stepping over the dirty pile of snow outside my office. 
Despite those pesky piles of snow, the real estate market continues to be busy here in Montauk. So much so that I'd even wager to say that a majority of the decent priced inventory has gone to contract. March-April is often a transitional time of year when we are between listings, meaning that, come early May new properties will hit the market place. If you haven't bought yet, it is safe to say you may want to wait a few weeks. Strange to hear a realtor tell you to wait, but seriously, wait a few weeks.  Warm weather is just around the corner, the earth will be turning green once more, the beach will be ideal for dog walks and bon fires and it will be the perfect time to take a ride out to Montauk with your check book. 
Right now, do your homework, connect with a good mortgage broker, make a list of questions you want answered, line up an attorney you feel comfortable with and find out what closing costs are so that when you find the perfect home by the beach you will be ready, able and willing to close fast and be in before summer.
If you are looking for a rental on the other hand, we have many good choices, a nice selection of homes. A minimum stay is two weeks and sorry but NO GROUPS. Many people are not aware of the East Hampton Town Code which limits rentals to no more than four unrelated people per residence and no weekly rentals. If you just need a week, I would recommend you look at and their list of resorts and townhouses that will do weekly. 
See you at the beach and THINK SPRING!- Nancy

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Whoa Nelly, the real estate market here in Montauk has not skipped a beat and it may be January, and we may have two feet of snow, but people are scooping up houses like you wouldn't believe! It's an exciting time! 
Priced to sell, a great listing will be on the market no more than a few weeks. Smart investors are catching the wave with other buyers who regularly surf our site and are taking advantage of a  twenty year low  in interest rates.  Omg, interest rates are at 3%  for qualified buyers. If you are procrastinating a bit, taking your time and waiting for the perfect situation, it's time to stop looking and start buying or you'll miss some good opportunities. 
 Television series like " The Affair" have continued to put us on the map. NO, not everyone out here is having an affair with a local girl (smh) but to the show's credit, the publicity has been good and once Hollywood finds you things will never be the same. That's so true for our real estate market. Montauk is hot, hot, hot! 
Homes are priced to sell and sellers are getting close to their ask.  I wouldn't say it's a buyers market OR a sellers market. It truly is a  healthy market with deals being made that send everybody walking away from the closing table happy. 
If you've been dreaming about a second home in Montauk, it's time wake up and smell the coffee. 
Give us a call or you'll miss out on some really great listings. Ditch Plains continues to be the surfing capital of the NorthEast and we have a newly listed, fabulous beach house  for you located directly across from the ocean beach.  Exclusive with our office, it's offers 4 bedrooms, A/C, fireplace, and lots of decking. Recently remodeled and ready for you to move in, it is the quintessential "beach house". Don't  miss out and let a little snow scare you; I have a snow shovel and I'm not afraid to use it!
See you at the beach! Best, Nancy Keeshan

Friday, August 29, 2014


Wow, this has been one busy summer for our little village and so I snapped this photo so I could look at it in February when it is a ghost own and remind myself of what it's like in August...traffic, traffic, traffic. Good for the real estate market? Well, yes and no. The summer brings many many day trippers and youngsters here for the fun , the clubs and the beach.The Fall is a different group entirely and I'm looking forward to seeing  how it goes. Come September the real estate market is busy with buyers and lots of new listings. Owners who have rental properties that may not have done so well this past summer think about putting their houses on the market. Our office already has listed some new properties and it is a perfect time for buyers to buy. Interest rates are going to climb in 2015 so while they arestill low, it's time to invest. Prices are high out here and Montauk is more popular then ever BUT prices will continue to increase and a house in Montauk is still one of the best investments you can make. That being said, give us a call after Labor Day and we can tell you what opportunities await you here in beautiful Montauk! -Nancy PS. Watch our website for new listings!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Oh brother, it was a long winter and I think we are all
ready for some serious summer fun. The warm weather is finally here and Montauk is back in business! I love it this time or year.All the old familiar restaurants and clubs are up and in full operation as are some new and exciting places! 
 I like to stroll through the village with Piper and see all the new stores, get some sun on my face and
visit with the folk I have not seen in awhile. The trees are slowly filling with green leaves and everything is popping in more ways then one. The real estate market is really hot and people are flocking out to Montauk on the weekends to look at real estate and find a places at  the beach. There are a few REALLY good opportunities and right now we have some great fixer uppers that won't last. A true "fixer upper" is a rare thing and we have two homes that are ready to go! One is a fabulous family home with four bedrooms and a garage, and a huge living room with fireplace on a quiet country lane. You can walk to the village and to beaches and best of all there is a school with a wonderful playground just up the street. It is priced to sell  at 649k and is negotiable! It needs a lot of elbow grease (and then some) but it is the ultimate fixer upper and wow..such potential! 

The other is a home right in the village edge, near the ocean beach, churches and stores. It's a nice piece of property and should you build a two story home you will most definitely have a sweeping ocean view. It's priced at 859,900k  and is just and ideal spot. Someone is going to scoop these up, so if you are looking for the right Montauk opportunity call us and we can tell you more about them.
It's a good time to buy while interest rates are still at an all-time low and hey, it's no mystery that when you buy real estate, you're making a smart investment that you and your family can enjoy. 
We have a number of other fabulous listings as well from condos, co-ops to 
gorgeous oceanfront homes. 
If you are looking, we can help you!